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No matter your coffee preference, that $3 or $4 hit of caffeine your body craves every morning just got a little bit cheaper.

More and more Australian businesses are making changes lately in order to become more environmentally friendly, a shift that many consumers would agree with. Majorly, the focus has been on reducing plastic landfill waste by increasing the availability of reusable alternatives.

This shift has been seen by major Australian supermarkets Woolworths and Coles who are reducing their impact on the environment by discontinuing single-use plastic bags and now promoting the use of reusable bags.

This same shift has been brewing in the coffee scene for a while also, with many people adopting the use of reusable coffee cups. This, however, was a choice made by the consumer, one that was not necessarily vocally encouraged by cafe owners. One Adelaide based cafe did get on board in mid-2017 by offering a discount for people who brought their own reusable coffee cups, but the idea didn’t seem to spread to other coffee outlets.

That has now changed. Two major coffee chains, Starbucks and The Coffee Club, have announced that they will soon offer a discount of 50 cents to customers who bring their own reusable cups. If you’re a daily drinker, not only will you be helping to do your bit for the environment, the savings will quickly add up. You’ll save $2.50 per week on 1 cup per day, or almost one free coffee per week, or if you drink 2 cups per day you’ll save $5 – enough for one of those fancy schmancy type coffee’s if that’s what you’re in to.

Disposable coffee cups pose a huge landfill problem in Australia with an estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups used each year (, that’s 2.7M every day. If Starbucks and The Coffee Club can help shift coffee consumer’s mindsets and reward their customers for being green, this extraordinary number might slowly start to decline, because let’s be real – we’re not going to give up our daily caffeine hit!

So get on board! A huge array of reusable coffee cups are available on eBay Australia with added Cashback through CASHREWARDS.


Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

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Stojo Reusable Collapsible Cup

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KeepCup Glass Reusable Cup

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Photo credit: Chevanon Photography

Source: 9news

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