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Who doesn’t love a good European holiday, the sunshine, the beaches, the history, the culture, the shopping, the architecture, and the food! When it comes to travelling around Europe or anywhere else for that matter we seem to lose track of our time and finances. I’m going to focus on the latter. Like most people, I tend to get carried away and by the time I get back home I suffer from two things – post-holiday blues and a financial hangover.

Now, I can’t offer you a cure for the post-holiday blues. The simple remedy to that is to hop on a plane and go on another holiday ASAP! However, what I can offer is a suggestion to alleviate the holiday hangover you will inevitably come back to.  Don’t know what a holiday hangover is? Trust me you do, you just probably haven’t heard the term “holiday hangover”, but you’ll know its meaning.

‘Holiday Hangover’ is when you come off your high from your trip you’ve enjoyed so much. It’s the realisation that you’ve spent too much money and not accounted for the realities of life that await you once you get back. Groceries, bills, and the all-important coffee allowance have evaded you whilst you’ve been away, but that’s not the case anymore. You’re nodding your head as you read this, aren’t you?

Well, I have some fantastic news for you. No, sorry, you haven’t won the lottery- wouldn’t that be nice!  But, you can still get money back, or Cashback for booking your holiday online! More and more Australians are getting Cashback from the flights and accommodation they’ve booked, helping to cure their holiday hangover.

CASHREWARDS is the site to visit when booking your European adventure, or any adventure for that matter because you’ll have a nice kitty of money waiting for you when you return.

Using CASHREWARDS to save money when booking your trip is a no-brainer. Don’t be like the Griswold’s (yes, there had to be a National Lampoons reference in this post), avoid getting into sticky situations and book your accommodation and activities through the well-reputed retailers available through CASHREWARDS, and be at ease knowing there will be a small fortune waiting for you when you get back.



Do you want a bit of luxury? Then Luxury Escapes is great, it’s my go-to if I want to stay in style and do it on the cheap, you’ll also earn up to 3.50% Cashback, so that’s discounts on luxury accommodation with extra perks plus Cashback – win, win really! I booked accommodation through Luxury Escapes when I was staying on the Greek Island of Kefalonia. The extras included a cocktail at sunset each day, breakfast, sweets on arrival and a dinner on the day of my choosing. Alternatively, find the perfect hotel for you with options like, and Agoda plus heaps more, and receive Cashback when you click through CASHREWARDS.



When it comes to travelling to Europe I’m a big fan of Emirates, their service and comfort (even in economy) is great – especially if you’re tall like me. Emirates also stops over in Dubai so why not spend a few days there as well? Fly Emirates and you can earn 1% Cashback on your flights. Not an Emirates enthusiast like me? Well, there’s also Etihad, Qatar and Expedia to choose from – and guess what? Yep, you got it – earn Cashback!


Car Hire:

If you’re taking the significant other or the family with you, you’re probably going to need a car. Especially if you’re travelling between towns or long distances to beaches.  CASHREWARDS has retailers like Europcar who offer 5.50% Cashback as well as other hire car retailers also.


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Travel Insurance:

I can see you rolling your eyes! This is important. You need travel insurance even if you don’t use it. When I was in Vienna my luggage went around half of Europe before it was returned to me days later. The thing is I wasn’t particularly worried about losing my clothes because I knew whatever essentials I needed whilst my bag was slowly making its way to meet me I could claim on my travel insurance. Earn Cashback on travel insurance from insurers such as Cover More, Australia Post Travel Insurance, Travel Insurance Direct and many more.


Activities and Experiences:

Holidays aren’t fun if you don’t incorporate a few tours or experiences, like the beer spa I did in Prague. Yes, that’s right a spa with hops, malt, yeast and beer. Let me tell you it was a unique experience and you also get free beer on tap – all you can drink whilst relaxing in your own brew (so to speak). Plus, there was the walking tour of the city and a tour of Kutna Hora and the Ossuary (really creepy but super cool). The tours and were all booked with Viator. Make sure you use Viator to book experiences, tours, and return airport transfers in whatever country you visit. You’ll also earn 2.80% Cashback and a whole heap of unforgettable memories.


So, how much money can you save?

You can earn a small fortune in Cashback just by booking your travel through CASHREWARDS. I’ve chosen Prague as my destination for a week’s stay for one person.

Here’s the cost rundown, all available through CASHREWARDS:

  • Emirates to Prague return to Sydney (economy saver)  = 1,819.46, Cashback 1% = $18.19
  • Accommodation from booking .com Alveo Suites=  $1880, Cashback 4% = $75.20
  • Private Transfers to hotel , Viator = $38.42 , Cashback 7% = $2.69
  • Private Transfers to airport, Viator =$36.50, Cashback 7% = $2.55
  • Travel insurance with Australia Post Travel Insurance (Comprehensive) $102.00 , Cashback 10% = $10.20

Total spent = $3876.38

Cashback total= $108.83

Like to extend your stay – why wouldn’t you! Based on the above example, check out the extra Cashback you could earn below:

  2 Week Stay 3 Week Stay 4 Week Stay
Cashback on Accommodation $150.40 $225.60 $300.80
Total Cashback inc
Flights, Transfers, Insurance
$184.03 $259.23 $334.43


Don’t forget these are everyday standard Cashback rates. Cashback increases happen regularly so you could easily be in store to earn much more. But even at the standard rates, it’s nice to know you’ll be returning home with an extra few hundred dollars you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

So, pack your suitcase and get travelling- and speaking of suitcases, CASHREWARDS has retailers such as Crumpler, David Jones and more, so you’ll find all your luggage needs and swimming accessories as well.

When you get back from your most excellent European adventure, this is where you’ll see the benefits of having booked through CASHREWARDS as your Cashback will be accumulating, and you’ll have some money in the kitty to put towards those bills that’ll be waiting for your return. Sigh.


Disclaimer: Some items in this article may not be eligible for Cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, Cashback rates and available retailers through CASHREWARDS mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although CASHREWARDS has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you Cashback at these stores.


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