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When I was approached by GearBest to do a Sonic Electric Toothbrush review, I jumped at the chance – because who doesn’t want a nice bright smile? So, I took three Sonic Electric toothbrushes for a road test to find one that was great for my teeth and gums and also easy to use.

Trips to the dentist can be a nightmare for most people. We tend to worry about what they’re going to say about the condition our mouth is in- even though we think it’s fine. Oral care is really important to prevent things like gum disease, gingivitis and other conditions. That’s why getting the right toothbrush is just as important as regular visits to the dentist.


Alfawise S100 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

The Details:

Retail Price: $35.79
Colour:  Black & White
Package Contents: 1 x Toothbrush, 2 x Brush Head, 1 x Charger Dock with USB Cable, 1 x English User Manual, 1 x Travel Box (grey), 1 x product guidance leaflet
Waterproof rate: IPX7
Charging time: 16 hours
Battery life: 30 days

There’s nothing too fancy about the look of this toothbrush, but it does come with a range of brushing options: clean, sensitive, massage, white, polish. The brush is soft to touch and nice and gentle on your teeth and gums. The different brushing options were good, the bristles were gentle on my gums yet gave my teeth a good clean. My mouth felt minty fresh afterwards and I did make sure that breakfast consisted of gooey peanut butter on toast to really put the toothbrush to the test (not that I needed an excuse to eat peanut butter).

The charger unit needs a USB hub, however, if you’re anything like me that’s ok because you’ll either have your phone charger or a spare charger from a previous smartphone lying around and with a full charge, the battery will last for 30 days.

However, the power base is a bit clunky and the toothbrush isn’t as slender as the other two I tested, it’s more of a squarish shape than curvy around the edges. Because of the size of the toothbrush, it will take up room on your vanity or in your toiletries bag.  Overall product-wise this is a really good toothbrush for the non-tech savvy folk or for those who just want a plain sonic electric toothbrush without the gimmicks the others have, the functions are clearly labelled so you can flick through them with ease making it very simple to use.


Original Oclean SE Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review


The Details:

Retail Price: $78.99
Colour: White
Package Contents: 1x brush head, instruction manual and USB quick charging magnetic base, case.
Charging time: 6 hours
Battery life: 60 days
Waterproof Rate: IPX7
Bluetooth: 4.2 BLE
APP: support for iOS 8.0 plus and Android 4.4 plus


With medium bristles and a slim body, this toothbrush has 3 cleaning modes- clean, whiten and massage. However, when used with its app it has 12 kinds of customized cleaning care programs for your mouth. If you want to be very particular about your brushing habits, download the app to customize your brushing to suit your daily routine

The base is small and slim (about the size of a twenty-cent coin and about as flat as that) and is magnetic which is great as the toothbrush snaps back onto charge with no fuss at all. The great thing is the toothbrush is ideal for travellers as it can be packed away in its case and it requires minimal space to store, and when charged fully the battery lasts for up to 60 days with regular use.  Because the power base is a USB charger it can be charged virtually anywhere including your desk and car (because sometimes we need to brush on the go).

Again, armed with peanut butter on toast to make sure I was putting the toothbrush to work I put it to the test.  The toothbrush cleaned my teeth really nicely, the bristles felt gentle on my gums yet strong enough to get between my teeth and give me a proper clean. The lights light up on each function, however, because they aren’t labelled it’ll take some time to work out what each one is -but you’ll quickly work them out unless you use the app and it’ll program your brushing routine for you.

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Soocas/ Soocare X3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review


The Details:

Retail Price: $67.14
Package Contents:  1x brush head, Charger dock with plug, instruction manual
Size: Black Gold Type, Classic Type
Colour: Black or White
Charging time: 16 hours
Battery life: approximately 25 days
Waterproof rating: IPX7



This toothbrush comes in a few different options, the one I tested was the Black Gold Type in Black, its bristles are soft to touch, and the overall design of the unit is slim similar to the Oclean. The toothbrush does come with an instruction manual however, the downside is that everything is written in Chinese for both the manual and the app making it difficult to navigate. It does have Bluetooth connectivity presumably for the app. A great feature is wireless charging, the base identifies the brush and charges it without it having to be placed directly back on the base.

The toothbrush has 4 functions that are simple to switch between, however, they use symbols without explanation and you will need to figure out what each one is. Unfortunately, the power cord isn’t designed for Australian sockets, so you will also need a universal adaptor making the USB toothbrushes more universal. The base is also bulky and bigger than the other two that were tried and tested.  The brush gives you a really good clean however it is pretty bulky in size and the difficulty with the manual and the app mean that it’s not very user-friendly for an Australian user.


The Verdict:

Hands down the best of the three in this Sonic Electric Toothbrush review had to be the Oclean. It’s slim, it has a small charger base which is great for smaller vanities and it has the longest battery life of all three. Plus, because it’s a USB it can be taken anywhere, and you don’t need to carry so many chargers with you – just your smartphone charger. The app is a good feature too as it suggests your brushing program based on the information you’ve put in about your teeth and eating and drinking habits. It will also tell you how good of a clean you have given your teeth each time you use the toothbrush. This toothbrush will even make your dentist appreciate your efforts to keep your teeth and gums in mint condition.

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