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Diana, a busy working mum in a family of four, shares her experience of how to save with CASHREWARDS… having saved over $1,000 in just one and a half years!

Diana came across CASHREWARDS while browsing online, saying that she first joined because it was fast, easy and free. While speaking with her, she also told us that although sceptical at first, she thought she’d give it a go because there was really nothing to lose, so why not?!

Diana is now glad that she did join and has become a regular user. She’s so enthusiastic about the money she’s saved, that she’s sharing her experience on how to save with CASHREWARDS with others. Predominantly buying Woolworths WISH eGift Cards through CASHREWARDS with an instant 5% discount, Diana has saved “well over $700 in just one and a half years” on just her grocery shop alone.

Add to that the over $300 Cashback she’s earned through her Dan Murphy’s, Virgin Australia and numerous other purchases, Diana says “there are so many partner companies with CASHREWARDS that you can literally shop ’til you drop at all the different retailers and get so much cash back, it’s fantastic.”

Saving with CASHREWARDS without even trying is so easy when you install the CASHREWARDS Notifier as Diana explains (1m 30sec in below video), “once you’ve installed the Notifier you don’t even have to go through the CASHREWARDS website, you can just browse and do all the things you normally do, the little Notifier pops up and if you activate it you know you’ll be getting Cashback for the transaction you’re about to do.”


Watch Diana share her tips on how to save with CASHREWARDS, below:


As Diana explains, “if I wasn’t with CASHREWARDS I would have spent exactly the same amount as I had but not had that Cashback. Now when you consider savings of over $1,000 just by being a member of CASHREWARDS, it really stacks up.”

Diana continues, “My favourite thing about CASHREWARDS is the money. I’m seeing real money into my bank account by not doing anything different than what I would normally do online anyway.”

If Diana hasn’t convinced you, let us further illustrate how you can save with CASHREWARDS:

  1. Card-linked Offers: Link your credit or debit card to your CASHREWARDS account to earn Cashback in physical stores and restaurants as well.
  2. Install the CASHREWARDS Notifier to ensure you never miss out on Cashback at a partner store.
  3. Explore CASHREWARDS. With over 1,200 stores, you can literally earn Cashback on everything you buy.
  4. Take advantage of Hot Offers and store coupons listed on CASHREWARDS and stack them with Cashback – it’s like savings on top of savings!
  5. Maximise your savings: if the stores you’re shopping at have loyalty programs you can still accumulate loyalty rewards. Paying by credit card? You can still earn points too! Win-win.
  6. Buy Woolworths WISH eGift Cards through CASHREWARDS, then use them in-store to instantly save 5% on your groceries, petrol (Caltex), liquor (Dan Murphy’s) and more.
  7. Refer your friends to CASHREWARDS, so they can save and you can both earn a referral bonus.
  8. If you’re not already a member, join today – you’re missing out on Cashback!


Join CASHREWARDS and start saving!



How to save with CASHREWARDS 5% discount on Woolworths WISH eGift cards

Buying your Woolworths WISH eGift cards through CASHREWARDS is the simplest way that each and everyone can easily save hundreds of dollars per year on their regular food, petrol and other necessities. Even if you shop at other supermarkets occasionally, you can easily store your eGift card in the handy Woolworths Money App so you can have it with you wherever and whenever you might need it.

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The table below displays the annual savings you’ll make if you buy a weekly $100, $250 or $500 card through CASHREWARDS.

How to save with CASHREWARDS, Woolworths Savings

Don’t forget, Woolworths WISH eGift cards can be used not only at Woolworths, but at Dan Murphy’s, Big W, Caltex and more.



How does CASHREWARDS work?

It’s easy to be sceptical like Diana was at first, as she says, “when something seems too good to be true it usually is.” However, CASHREWARDS is very transparent with how it works and where the money comes from.

The Cashback model is very well established and trusted overseas in the U.S and U.K. CASHREWARDS CEO and Founder Andrew Clarke and Co-Founder Lorica Clarke decided it was time that Australia caught up and so began their mission to help give back to fellow Australians.

When a CASHREWARDS member makes a transaction at a partner store through CASHREWARDS, we receive a commission and we split that commission with the member in the form of Cashback.

Retailers love CASHREWARDS because we increase their sales volume through our highly engaged member base, and they only pay a commission if a sale is made. Instead of paying for clicks from Facebook advertising or Google Search advertising, they are paying us.

Our members love us because they are getting rewarded with Cashback for the things they would buy anyway.

And we love both our members and partner stores because we wouldn’t exist without you! Saving money with CASHREWARDS really is a win-win-win situation.


Watch our explainer video below




Joining CASHREWARDS is easy. It takes about 15 seconds and there are no fees involved, all you need is an email address.

You are able to browse the website and the current offers without becoming a member, however, you’ll need a CASHREWARDS account to start earning your Cashback in. This can later be transferred to your nominated bank or Paypal account.

Don’t wait and end up wishing you’d joined sooner. Now that you know how to save with CASHREWARDS, join the over 440,000 Australians who have already caught on and start earning Cashback on everything you buy today!

Join CASHREWARDS and start saving!


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