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Getting active and staying active all comes down to motivation and determination, but knowing how to get motivated is the tricky part. Making sure you have the right mindset is key, however, what also helps is having the right equipment to achieve your goals. So, whether it’s walking every day or working out at the gym, here’s a list of the things you’re going to need to get you moving and keep you on track.


How to get motivated – the essentials you need to get workout ready


Fitness Tracker. When it comes to a fitness tracker, your choice is going to depend on what type of activity and result you want to monitor and achieve. If you’re just wanting to move more, a pedometer with a few little extras is the way to go. However, if you want to really work out, you’ll need to watch your heart rate, so you’re going to need a fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor as well. There are heaps of choices on the market and we have a couple of inexpensive ones that are perfect to get you started especially if you’re just a beginner, see our review here and shop a range of smart bracelets from Gearbest plus earn Cashback.

Sunglasses. You need a good pair of sunnies that are going to protect your eyes year-round, especially if you’re going to be outdoors during your workouts. And of course, they’ll help you look fashionable on the field as well. Shop a range of sunglasses from THE ICONIC, Quay, Clearly and more, plus earn Cashback!

If you’ll be partaking in activities such as cycling or cricket then you’ll need specialised eyewear. Shop a range of sunglasses and specialised eyewear from Sunglass Hut and Rebel Sport.



Activewear: It’s so comfortable that Australians have taken to wearing it even when they don’t work out – and I’m pretty sure that’s the case for about 95% of the population, myself included. But, when you get serious about your workout, the type of activewear you’ll need will vary depending on the type of workout you’re doing. Have you tried doing yoga in sweats? Trust me it’s hard enough concentrating on your breathing let alone fighting with your top because it’s getting in the way.

If you’re finding you don’t know how to get motivated for a workout, it may be because you don’t have the right clothing to start with. There are a lot of activewear options available so it’s easy to be prepared – especially when it comes to sports shoes. Shop your activewear needs from Rebel Sport, Lorna Jane and earn 3.50% Cashback at both retailers.

The Gym Bag: Hitting the gym? You’ll need a proper gym bag to take with you especially if you’re going before or after work. Not only will you need the bag, but you’ll need the bits that go in the bag. Things like a drink bottle, face towel and gym towel, plus deodorant. You really need to carry deodorant with you, if not for your sake then for the sake of others around you! And if you’re anything like me then you’ll probably need a tube of Deep Heat until your muscles get used to all the movement! Shop these items at retailers such as Lorna Jane, Priceline Pharmacy and many more and earn Cashback on top.

Apps: There are a variety of apps available allowing you to customise workouts, count calories and help you train at the gym. Which app you choose will depend on your goals, your budget and your workout routine. Do your research and seek medical advice if you’re unsure of a particular exercise.

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Now that you know how to get motivated for a workout, go and get yourself all the essentials and get started! Remember, if you’re a beginner start slow and don’t over exert yourself, you want your fitness regime to be a lifestyle change, not just a fad. So find what you’re comfortable with and enjoy!

Whether its yoga, cardio or weight training make sure you have the right motivational tools to keep you going. Shop your fitness needs through CASHREWARDS and you’ll also earn some Cashback along the way. Not sure what Cashback is or how CASHREWARDS works? Check out our video below.


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