dyed Easter eggs
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Easter egg dyeing can be a fun activity that gets the whole family involved, and with the Easter holidays fast approaching if the perfect activity to get your child’s creative juices flowing whilst also having quality family time.

Eggs can be dyed in many different colours and with different patterns. For a more personalised feel they can also be decorated by drawing on them with crayons or placing stickers on them. There are heaps of different ways to get your eggs decorated, so what you do with them after you’ve dyed them is completely up to you.

This recipe is a simple way to get your eggs dyed or to start as a blank – or should we say coloured,  canvas for added decoration.  Most items can be found in your pantry and kitchen cupboards, however, if you’re missing something, everything you need is available from Woolworths and Harris Farm, plus you’ll also receive Cashback.

To make the egg dye, follow these simple steps below.


What you need:

Food colouring (your choice of colours)

1 cup of hot water per colour


Egg carton

Olive oil (optional)

1 teaspoon white vinegar per colour

Crayons (optional)

Stickers (optional)

Paper towel

Small to Medium sized bowls depending on how many colours you want to do


  1. Boil eggs making sure they are hard boiled.
  2. Mix 8-10 drops of food colouring of your choice with hot water into a bowl (mix colours to create other colours).
  3. Add, then stir in the white vinegar.
  4. Place eggs in the bowl, a couple at a time and leave in for 3- 5 mins. Leave in longer for a deeper colour.
  5. Using the egg carton as a drying rack and place eggs in to dry.
  6. When the colour has dried you can decorate the egg to your liking with stickers and crayons.
  7. If you’re happy with one colour, you can give the eggs a shiny coat by dabbing them with a paper towel that has a bit of olive oil on it- not too much, we just want to give them a polished look. Let them dry in the egg carton.


Want to tie-dye your eggs?

If you want to tie-dye your eggs simply add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to your mixture in step 2 and stir with a fork.  Roll the egg carefully in the bath to pick up the streaks of colour. Remove the egg and blot it with a paper towel and leave to dry in the egg carton. Once it’s dried dip it into another colour.


Leaf Prints on your eggs?

This is a great way to get the kids out in the garden to find different shaped leaves to decorate their eggs with.

Place the hard-boiled egg with a leaf on it in a stocking and tie the stocking up in a knot, with the knot close enough to the top of the egg to secure the leaf and egg in place. Put the egg in the dye and leave for 5 min, remove and let dry. Once dry take the egg out of the stocking and remove the leaf carefully. This should leave a leaf-shaped print on the egg.

REMEMBER if you’re going to eat the eggs, they need to be refrigerated as soon as possible and should not be left out for more than 2 hours.

Happy Easter!


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