Bathroom Updates
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Have you been putting off those much-needed DIY improvements around the house? Spring is here, so it’s time to get planning and doing. If you have a couple days off, or it’s a long weekend, we’ve got some simple ideas that will give your bathroom an update without the cost of renovation. The great thing is many of these updates can be done on a tiny budget.

Whether you use a handyman, or you do the work yourself, the dramatic effects a bathroom makeover can have on a home are remarkable. Best of all, you can always change your mind when your style changes and redo the space, again, at minimal cost.


1. Change the Mirror:

If you have enough storage space in your bathroom and you don’t need a mirror cabinet (medicine cabinet) for storage, then go for a mirror with some WOW factor. A nice frame with intricate details or an odd shape to it will give your bathroom a completely new look and will make all the difference in the space. You can shop a selection of mirrors from Temple & Webster and IWOOT plus many more homeware retailers available on CASHREWARDS.


2. Add Flowers or Plants:



Whether you choose an artificial plant or a real plant to put in your bathroom is completely up to you and how much of a green thumb you are. You can purchase some great artificial plants from stores like Earth de Fleur Homewares, The Home and other homewares retailers, and you’ll also get Cashback. Alternatively, fresh bouquets are also a great look (we do not condone cutting your neighbours roses for this). Place them in intricate vases for a classic look or flat coloured square or cylindrical vases for a more contemporary feel, see Bathroom Decor below for ideas.


3. Paint the Tiles:

If you’re really feeling adventurous and want a completely revamped bathroom, throw some tile paint on your tired old tiles. Tile paint can freshen up your bathroom without having to replace the tiles themselves. Shop a range of colours from eBay and also receive Cashback on your purchase. Keep in mind that neutral colours make a good canvas for the rest of the space, and a regrout can also go a long way too – remember we did say this update would take a few days!


4. Swap the Basin:


Temple & Webster, Sterling, Elegance Round Counter Top Basin

Image: Temple & Webster


Just like the kitchen bench, the basin is usually the central piece in any bathroom. Basins need to reflect what your bathroom style is, whether that’s contemporary, classic or something else? If you love watching The Block, you’ll be pleased to know you can purchase from a great range of basin styles that were used throughout the series at The Block Shop and you’ll also receive 4.20% Cashback. You can also find a range of basins on Temple & Webster and MyDeal, both have a 3.50% Cashback on purchases.


5. Change your Vanity:


Image: The Block Shop


You can update your vanity in one of two ways. Either purchase a new bathroom vanity or repurpose old furniture such as a butcher’s chopping block for example. If you’re going to repurpose furniture make sure you have enough space to fit the basin and have some counter space as well. Bringing elements such as wood into your bathroom will give it a contemporary yet earthy relaxed look and feel. The Block Shop has a range of vanities such as the one pictured above. Other retailers like MyDeal and Temple & Webster plus many more also have a range of one basin and two basin vanities to choose from. And don’t forget about the Cashback you’ll receive on all these sites.


6. Light it up:


The Block Shop,LIGHTS LIGHTS LIGHTS, Cage Saphire Pendant

Image: The Block Shop


Lighting can have a drastic effect on the way you use a room, it can also be one of the main stand out features other than the mirror. In your bathroom, you’ll need crisp light so you can easily apply makeup and groom yourself. However, lights don’t have to be boring. Think of the look you want to achieve, small to medium chandeliers look pretty in bathrooms that have enough space and height if you’re going for an old school glamour look with a stand-alone bathtub. More contemporary options like track lights, pendants and wall sconces also look great. Make sure you hire a certified electrician to install them (you don’t want any nasty shocks). Also if you want to keep the downlights you have or are thinking wall sconces for your mirror -where the light is really needed, place a pendant in the corner above a bathtub for low light when you want to relax.  A range of lighting can be found from The Block Shop and other homewares retailers through CASHREWARDS.

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7. Update your fixtures:


The Block Shop, MEIR, Matte Black Wall Spout

Image: The Block Shop

Temple & Webster, Torino Wall Spa Set with Swivel Outlet, Contap

Image: Temple & Webster


Following on from your basin and vanity updates you might like to update your fixtures. However, if you haven’t updated the other two that’s okay, as a change in fixtures can make a big difference to the overall look of the bathroom without having to change the basin and vanity. For a classic look, long spouts that curve at the top in bronze, copper or chrome (as pictured above) are a nice touch provided the rest of your bathroom isn’t ultra contemporary. If it is, then try straight edge fittings that come in a range of styles and on-trend colours like matte black (pictured above) and rose gold.  Even just replacing the fixtures and adding a few accessories without doing too much to the rest of the bathroom can go a long way in revamping it. The Block Shop and Temple & Webster have a range of fixtures to suit all design types.


8. Bathroom décor:


Bed-bath-n-table, WATERFORD Morgan & Finch

Image: Bed Bath N Table

adairs, Home Republic Urban Bathroom Accessories

Image: adairs


The smallest touches can make a world of difference even if you don’t do anything drastic to the bathroom like repaint the tiles or change the vanity and basin. Candles, small canisters for your cotton buds and soaps, toothbrush holders etc can change a bathrooms overall look. Adairs, Bed Bath N Table, Dusk and a number of other retailers have a selection of accessories to suit your style and best of all you’ll receive Cashback when you purchase through CASHREWARDS.


Your bathroom should be as relaxing as the rest of your home. You want to ensure that when you are taking a shower or soaking in the tub all your cares are washed away (even if it’s only for a short period of time). Now that you’re motivated just remember before you start buying things, make sure you know what look you’re going for. Is it a contemporary feel with wood and straight edges earthy colours, a classic look with elongated brass fittings or an industrial look? Having a plan and a budget will assist you in knowing what accessories and fixtures to start searching for.

Shopping through CASHREWARDS will also get you Cashback every time you shop these stores and many more through our website. For more on how CASHREWARDS can save you money, click here.


Disclaimer: Some items in this article may not be eligible for cashback. Deals, products, displayed prices, cashback rates and available retailers through CASHREWARDS mentioned above may change at any time without notice. This article has not been specifically sponsored in any way, by any retailer, although CASHREWARDS has ongoing partnerships with the stores mentioned above in order to provide you Cashback at these stores.

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